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Alaska Cannabis Cafes Coming Soon

Alaska may be preparing to open "pot cafes" beginning in mid-2016.  Similar to those in Amsterdam, adults 21 and older will allowed to consume marijuana in a safe and legal location however, only edibles may be consumed.  Alaska's Marijuana Control Board will have the last word on whether or not these cafe's will be coming soon.

Alaska is one of the states that has legalized yet, it is still very difficult to find a legal place to smoke.  Some municipalities in the state enforce strict clean air ordinances, prohibiting smoking completely.  Juneau, Alaska forbids the smoking of tobacco or marijuana products in public places, businesses and private clubs.  The acceptance of medible consumption would allow users to medicate outside of their households.

It may be possible that tourism will increase if cannabis cafe's are OK'd however, it is not certain of their profitability.  Safety is also still a major concern in the eyes of lawmakers, as they are still unsure how to regulate the consistency of products that don't look like a cannabis flower as well as keep them out of the hands of those who are under 21 years old.  

These circumstances cannot stop Alaska residents from voting pro cannabis cafe. With nearly a dozen states adding legalizing recreational cannabis to their 2016 ballots, it may be likely that cannabis cafe's will come to be.