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Alaska Woman Gives Cannabis for K2

A woman in Anchorage, Alaska is looking for K2 users to destroy their synthetic marijuana in exchange for the real deal.  Nicole Crites recognized that Alaska had serious spice epidemic and decided to do something about it beginning last Friday.  

Frustrated, Crites stated, "Just driving down Karluk Street, anytime of day, you'll find people passed out from it," Crites said. "I don't see it addressed by anybody. I don't."  She, along with her husband's company Absolutely Chronic Delivery, are sponsoring the movement.  

Since 2009, reports of synthetic marijuana use have gone through the roof.  In 2014, there were nearly 37,500 cases.  The Anchorage Municipal Attorney's Office says Crites' objective and actions are within the law however, the Anchorage Police Department stated they do not believe in giving people cannabis for fake weed.  

"The Anchorage Police Department's primary concern is the health and safety of our citizens and we do not believe trading marijuana for spice is the solution to the spice epidemic in our community.  We also want residents to consider the potential legality issues with trading marijuana for something of value and being in possession of spice," the department stated.

Despite the opinions of the authorities, Crites continues to help legal cannabis patients get rid of synthetic weed.