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Alaska Still Enforcing Marijuana Laws

The state of Alaska will continue to prosecute those in possession of marijuana and those selling the drug for the time being, according to one of Alaska's top prosecutors.  “We are not blind or oblivious to the fact that there is a change coming, but the change is not here yet,” said John Skidmore, director of the criminal division for the Alaska Department of Law.

Voters approved the marijuana ballot measure on November 4th, allowing people to possess, transport, sell and grow certain amounts of marijuana.  However, the new law will not take effect until sometime next year.  Governor Bill Walker will be entering office soon and  he plans to find out how other states have rolled out more permissive marijuana laws, although he was against the ballot measure.  

It is still unclear how the law will take effect.  The repercussions for smoking or possessing marijuana near schools and parks is still in question.  Patients and recreational users are also wondering whether or not establishments for use will be legal even though smoking in public will still be illegal.  Nonetheless, Alaska State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said, “Technically, it’s still against the law.  We have to enforce the law.”

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