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Amsterdam Shuts Down Cannabis Cup

HighTimes had a discrepancy with their annual event held at various locations, The HighTimes Cannabis Cup.  The company ensures it was never their intentions to hold an event in Amsterdam that idolizes marijuana had they not been in compliance with the Mayor's office.  However, HighTimes received notification that if the Cannabis Cup is to continued, the Dutch will shut down the event and arrest all of its attendees.

HighTimes wrote on their website, "This morning we were informed that if we were to proceed with the Cannabis Cup Expo the event would be shut down and all participants would be arrested."  They informed Cannabis Cup go-ers that the seminars will still be held as scheduled on Monday and Tuesday at the Melkweg.  New locations for the seminars on Wednesday will be announced soon.

"In the 26 years of the Cannabis Cup, there has never been any health or safety issues, nor has there been any lawlessness on the part of attendees," the HighTimes website stated.  It seems as if the government, even overseas, is still trying to find ways to keep marijuana from being a socially acceptable medical drug.

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