Another Death By Alcohol


As per the Arizona Daily Star, the death of Michael Evan Anderson -- 19 year old Arizona State University student -- was caused by alcohol intoxication, NOT marijuana.  The story of Michael Anderson created a buzz in the media when reports were made that Anderson was under the influence of marijuana when he decided to climb the to the rooftop tower of his dorm in April of 2014.  Anderson was said to have consumed a marijuana edible before decided to jump from the building.

Chief medical examiner, Dr. Gregory Hess,  reported, "Clearly he was intoxicated and that one (alcohol) is going to have the largest effect on his behavior, more so than marijuana would.  The bottom line for us is this is a young man under the influence, primarily of alcohol, and was climbing that structure for whatever reason and fell."

The media frenzy about marijuana causing irrational decisions and ultimately death should be silenced now that the autopsy results have been released.  It still proves that alcohol, although it's legal, is more harmful than marijuana.