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Anti-Legalization Campaign In D.C.

Yesterday, a campaign against the legalization of marijuana was held in the nation's capitol.  Congressman Patrick Kennedy led the opposition which gave the anti-Initiative 71 campaign a rough and pretty embarrassing start.

Those in attendance of the campaign, like Malik Burnett of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance, feel that the event was misguided and misinformed.  Not only did they falsely describe what the initiative would do, but the speakers tried to walk away from the podium without answering questions from the press!  Journalists didn't' take to kindly to that, however, and bombarded the speakers with questions anyway.

The campaign may be in trouble, though, because they did not file paperwork with the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance.  The prohibition campaign is having trouble getting their inaccurate message out to the voters of D.C., in which the majority are pro legalization.