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Arizona Politician Admits To Dabbing

If Arizona Democrat Mikel Weisser is elected to the House of Representatives this November, he will be the first politician to publicly admit to dabbing.  Weisser can bring an immense amount of personal experience with marijuana use to the national debate and openly discusses his interest in marijuana.  His opinions should not be judged by anti-cannabis voters because everyone has their preference, just as his competition, Paul Gosar, has his opinions about beer.

Weisser told the New Times a couple of months ago that he was interested in dabbing which has become a new trend among herbalists.  He admitted to trying it a few times to confirm his opinion.  "It's not a big deal," he said. "It hits harder than flowers. It's a more intense experience. The THC level doesn't confuse me, but I get some anxiety."  All in all, he still prefers to smoke flowers.  He is an Arizona medical marijuana patient and card holder and he sometimes carries an Altoid tin with a small pipe and some ganja to fill it with.

How perfect is it that the runner up Democrat running for the House of Representatives lives in So-Hi, Arizona!?  Not only does Weisser believe in marijuana reform, he is a big advocate for education, which should never be neglected.  Educate yourself about Mikel Weisser's campaign and make sure you go to the polls this upcoming election!