Bicycling While High Not Dangerous

Participants of an experiment rode bicycles both while sober and high.  The study entitled, “The effect of cannabis on regular cannabis consumers’ ability to ride a bicycle,” was conducted by German and Australian scientists who concluded, “Hardly any coordinative disturbances could be detected under the influence of high or very high THC concentrations."

Cyclists had to squeeze between poles, verbal interruptions, lighting distractions and other possible incidents that are likely to happen while riding a bike.  Scientists concluded, "Hardly any driving faults occurred under the influence of cannabis. Only a few driving faults were observed even under the influence of very high THC concentrations… On average, there is no increase in the number of demerits after the cannabis consumption.”

Riding a bike while high may not be a hazard however, the results may differ when driving a motor vehicle. Until more studies are done on driving while under the influence, smoking and driving is not recommended.