Big3 Becomes Second Pro League To Allow CBD Treatment

BIG3, the professional 3-on-3 basketball league that features former NBA players, announced on Tuesday it has become the first U.S. pro sports league to permit the use of cannabidiol (CBD). 

"We always change the game," Ice Cube told  TMZ Sports. "We ahead of the game." Ice Cube is a founder of the Big3 league and is certain that his steps towards accepting CBD as a pain treatment for players will force other leagues to consider it as well.

“As a testament to our relationship with our players, we listened to their feedback on CBD, as well as feedback from professionals in the regulatory and CBD industry, and decided to take this major step to support their health,” Big3 co-founder and co-CEO Jeff Kwatinetz said in a press release.

The BIG3 noted that Al Harrington, a 16-year NBA veteran who is a co-captain in the 3-on-3 league, has been a strong proponent of the use of medical marijuana and CBD. Viola, a company owned by Harrington, is a leading brand and supplier of cannabis products in Colorado, Michigan, Oregon and California, according to the BIG3.

Ice Cube's BIG3 league is not the first to accept CBD as medicine. Back in January, Green Roads World made history by becoming the first pro sports league to accept CBD products. “We have finalized a deal with the NAPB [the North American Premier Basketball League],” said Treyous Jarrells, a consultant with the company. “We now are the Official Alternative Nutrition for the NAPB.” The NAPB is a new, minor pro basketball league for North America, dedicates itself to reactivating defunct NBA teams.