MedMen Launches Biggest Canna-Campagin EVER!

MedMen, a well known dispensary in Southern California that also has location sin New York, has launched the largest cannabis marketing campaign at the top of the new year. They have already spent nearly $500,000 on advertisements on large billboards, vans, and digital print ads - without showing any product!

The ad's show actual MedMen customers with a simple phrase like, "Relax. It's Legal," or "Smile. It's Legal," showing that marijuana can be, and now is, a part of everyday culture. “Many of them have nothing to do with ‘getting high,’" stated  MadMen’s  vice president of corporate communications, Daniel Yi. "This is about giving choice and a safe and inviting environment for adults who want to make cannabis a part of their lives."

Back in August, Adam Bierman, CEO of MedMen, told CNBC’s "The Profit" that the dispensary usually saw an average of $85 being spent per customer visit - and that was BEFORE recreational cannabis was recognized.

Do you think these ad's will increase the California cannabis revenue this year?