Bill Bratton Talks Marijuana And Violence

New York City Police Commissioner, William Bratton, told AM 970 host John Catsimatidis that the city should be concerned with the violence involved with marijuana trafficking. His statement is probably the most illogical since Hillary Clinton's declaration that drugs are too profitable to be legalized. 


Last week, Bratton stated, "In New York City, most of the violence we see around drug trafficking is involving marijuana, and I have to scratch my head as we are seeing many states wanting to legalize marijuana." Both Bratton and Clinton feel have the same misunderstanding that legalizing would not benefit the country, not realizing that prohibition only furthers the ability for drug dealers to thrive. 

It is not so apparent to Bill Bratton that violence is an inevitable occurrence in the black market. Legalizing would only allow medicine to be prescribed by physicians and sales be made by caregivers. By marijuana remaining illegal, it only increases the need for the black market to remain in production to deliver the medication that the government refuses to recognize.