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Billboard For Man Serving Life In Prison In Missouri

A marijuana reform group purchased billboard space in order to urge people to call Governor Jay Nixon directly and ask for Jeff Mizanskey to be set free.  Mizanskey is now serving his 21st year or his life without parole sentence for marijuana charges.  The irony of this situation?  The billboard was placed less than two miles away from the governor's house!

Show-Me Cannabis recently informed the public about the billboard, stating:

The billboard resides on Southbound US 54, shortly after the interchange with US 63. It's visible just before motorists cross over the bridge to enter Jefferson City from the north. Located right across from the Jefferson City airport and less than two miles across the river to the Governor's Mansion, advocates for Jeff's release are excited about the attention it will draw to his case.

Mizanskey was arrested in 1994 for being involved in a purchase of nearly six to seven pounds of marijuana. He was caught already having two marijuana related felonies, once for having a half pound and the another time for about two ounces.  In Missouri, any amount of marijuana more than 35 grams is a felony.

Aaron Malin, a researcher at Show-Me Cannabis, told the Daily River Front Times, "The billboard's close proximity to the governor's mansion seeks to remind him of Jeff's clemency petition, which has been on his desk for more than a year.  Jeff's family and friends have not forgotten about him, and neither should Governor Nixon."