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8 Y.O. Tells Police He Helps Grow Marijuana

A second grade boy in Vermont confessed to police about helping his mother's boyfriend grow "special medicine." It is unclear how the 8 year old came in contact with authorities to make such a confession, however, it probably wasn't smart for 54 year old, Steven Mann, to have a child assist in his grow operation.


Windsor Police Det. Jennifer Frank obtained the boy's testimony in an affidavit where he innocently described the grow operation and Mann's growing skills. The boy is lead to believe that Mann's marijuana can "cure anything at all." He continued to confess that people made frequent visits to Mann's home in Windsor. 

The boy's confessions lead to the discovery of two grow rooms by Vermont police. Mann admitted to police that just before the authorities arrived, he and his girlfriend, Leona Hunt, "had just taken a hit" of marijuana from a glass pipe in the sams room as Hunt's son. The Main Street apartment reeked of marijuana according to Det. Frank. The bust resulted in the discovery of $700 in cash and paraphernalia including pipes, bags of marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, grinders, and digital scales. The marijuana had a street value of approximately $75,000.