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Cali Bans MMJ Patients From Growing

In San Joaquin County, it looks as if they are moving towards banning medical marijuana patients from growing their own medicine.  Commercial or medically licensed marijuana growers will be the only ones allowed to cultivate marijuana as per a meeting held on April 7th.  The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance that would ban personal cultivation of medical marijuana.

County Sheriff Steve Moore proposed the ordinance, which is scheduled to be adopted by the board in a meeting on April 14.  “This is a result of a year’s worth of interaction with the public, county staff and the board. It’s a well thought-out, well-prepared and well-planned solution that will benefit law enforcement,” said Moore.  San Joaquin Sheriff’s Capt. Bruce Wuest agrees, saying that personal cultivation has created a public safety issue.  “A lot of times, someone we find growing marijuana makes a medical cultivation claim, and after we investigate it turns out that (the claim) is just a cover for what they’re actually doing,” the Captain said.  

During the last two years, the Sheriff’s Office has destroyed about 100,000 marijuana plants seized during investigations according to Wuest.  In about 45 cases, firearms have been found along with marijuana and there has been one homicide related to marijuana cultivation.  The Lodi City Council adopted an ordinance limiting indoor cultivation to only be acceptable in residence or garage of a qualified patients home and prohibiting outdoor cultivation all together last October.  Ultimately, the county board feels similarly to Supervisor Bob Elliott who stated, “Marijuana cultivation is a public nuisance issue.  We’ve heard the reasons here today. This is absolutely the right action to take.”