Canada To Approve Marijuana Legalization


“Canada should be applauded for taking bold and decisive steps towards ending the failed prohibition of marijuana,” said Hannah , Senior International Policy Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance.

Canada will become the second country to legally regulate all aspects of the marijuana market , following behind Uruguay in 2013. Today, the Canadian Senate is expected to approve marijuana legalization legislation in a historic vote. The Senate has been studying Bill C-45 for the past six months and has since submitted some changes on the original document submitted by the House of Commons. 

Bill C-45 allows for the possession of up to 30 grams of dried marijuana for adults over the age of 18. It also states that marijuana must be sold in plain packaging with limited branding, and sets penalties for driving under the influence and sales to minors. Canada will have a decentralized model, which means that each province will be responsible for much of the decision-making on regulatory implementation, including matters such as home cultivation, public use, and zoning.

Once the Senate approves the bill, it heads back to the House of Commons for approval of the adjustments made. When approved by the House, the implementation of legal marijuana will begin.

“Canada’s decentralized system will give provinces the freedom to tailor marijuana legalization to their local needs and contexts, allowing us to study and learn from the many different models that will emerge,” Hetzer stated. “Canada should ensure that the harms of marijuana prohibition are rectified, especially by expunging people’s marijuana arrest records and by investing in communities most harmed by prohibition.”