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Canada's "Prince Of Pot" is FREE!

The self-anointed “Prince of Pot”, longtime canna-activist and founder of  Cannabis Culture Magazine, Mark Emery was released from his five year prison sentence on July 9th.  Emery was arrested for selling cannabis seeds to customers in the United States through a mail order business he founded in 1995.  His business generated him $5 million a year in profit according to the DEA.

Emery was arrested on the conspiracy of selling marijuana and two of his Canada warehouses were raided as a result.  He served time in both Georgia and Mississippi and is more than ready to get back to his activist ways.  He writes on his blog,  “We will have an impromptu gathering somewhere (in) Windsor after my arrival, and within twelve hours I will take the train or some transport to Toronto, where we will have another party at Vapor Central,”

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