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Cannabis Job Search Platform Coming Soon!

For those of you herbalists who are looking to work in the cannabis industry but don't have "the plug" to get you a job, we're sure you would find it much easier to look for employment on a platform where you feel safe discussing your marijuana knowledge and skills.  As the industry continues to grow, the necessity for dedicated and trustworthy employees rises along with it.  Both employers and prospective employees are in need of a secure place to search for their perfect staff or dream jobs.

Stonius is the new platform that will launch in Los Angeles this month, allowing employers to connect with employees based on professional experience, ensuring a lower cost per hire.  The new job search engine allows you to remain anonymous until you're ready to expose yourself as well as post job reviews from both mobile app and computer.

Get ready for the release of the perfect place to find your dream job in the cannabis industry.  The platform is planned to be released on October 16th.