Cannabis Tampons Are On The Market

The newest product from Foria has women with menstrual cramps around the world yearning for it. Foria Relief is the newest PMS relieving product that has women in California and Colorado excited and anticipated.  

“It’s an exciting idea for those with bad PMS, and a potentially life-changing one for the estimated 5 million who suffer from endometriosis—a chronic incurable condition,” said Abby Haglage.  The the cannabis used in Foria Relief is grown without the use of pesticides and undergone extensive testing to ensure there are no harmful microbial or contaminants in the final product.

The Foria website states, “Our intention is to share the powerful medicinal properties of this plant while utilizing modern extraction techniques to standardize purity and potency, thereby ensuring a safe and accessible experience for all women.”  According to Foria, the combination of THC and CBD it uses in the suppositories was specifically designed to “activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body.”  The site also states that if Foria Relief is successful at relieving menstrual cramps that the suppository may be successful at reducing pain during child birth.