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As an herbalist who loves to travel, it's always been difficult accommodate marijuana in my travels.  The most brilliant tourist attraction I've come across has to be Spiro Cannabis Tours in Colorado.  The Centennial state has become the nations leading medical marijuana distributor and Spiro has created the #1 tourist attraction for herbalists.

Spiro cannabis-themed tours are dedicated to keeping tourists comfortable and pampered while informing them of the various THC strains and dispensaries they will visit.  Tours include multiple dispensary visits, question and answer sessions, THC/CBD-Infused cooking class with a tour guide beside you to ensure your comfort and safety.

The Colorado based cannabis tour guide offers five different kinds of tours for rest and relaxation, adventure, night time cannabis tours and more.  Locals should check out Spiro for a new herbalist activity and those who are traveling to Colorado should add the Cannabis Tour to their vacation itinerary.