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CannaInsider Predicts More Jobs In 2015

A new report by predicts the next year in the cannabis industry.  Read more about the biggest advantage of marijuana legalization in 2015.

Recent states that have legalized (Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C.) are expected to have 200,000 new jobs created in the cannabis field.  You may apply to be a  "bud tender" - who is consulted by help a medical marijuana patient or recreational user understand the best strain of cannabis for a specific desired effect.  You can find an extensive list of marijuana related professions at the CannaInsider website.

Other occupations within the cannabis field include edible artisan, extraction technician, and dispensary manager.  With the stigma of marijuana quickly disappearing as legalization sweeps the country, many young adults find well-paying jobs in the marijuana industry to help pay off student loans, credit card debts or pay rent.  

Matt Karnes, Founder of GreenWave Advisors, LLC, an independent financial research and advisory firm for the marijuana industry, stated, "By 2020, assuming the most likely progression of state by state legalization, we expect the combined (medical and adult use) retail marijuana market to reach $21 Billion. Jobs are just the beginning, a cultural shift towards the cannabis plant is taking place."