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Caviar Gold Confusion


When Caviar Gold hit the scene, they were known as the most potent cannabis you can find.  Herbalists on the east coast (like us) may not have been so lucky to try Caviar Gold because they are only sold in dispensaries and in states where marijuana is legal.  However, recently the company has been a victim of scam artists who have created a whirlwind of confusion as to who sells authentic Caviar Gold products.  The once reputable brand now has herbalists raising their eyebrows at the company, questioning whether smoking a Cavi Cone is worth the health risk.  With all of the he said, she said that's going around, you may still find yourself confused.  Who are the Caviar Gold imposters?

We spoke with @caviar_bishop, who claims to have partnered with Mike Brunson to create Caviar Gold.  The original feed for Caviar Gold, @caviargold, has been hacked according to Bishop.  While the original feed claims that they are "rebranding," changing the name of the company to Crown Herb, for some reason they still post under the name @caviargold.  The posts on the original feed advertise Crown Herb products with a new logo and product displays.  When people inquire about buying their product, the @caviargold page advises them to direct message @crownherb or to visit the Crown Herb website.  The Instagram feed slanders @caviar_bishop, saying that he is the fraud trying to steal the Caviar Gold brand.

Despite the craziness, Bishop stands behind his product 100%.  He recalls starting out in Colorado by creating Caviar Spice which used BHO extraction in 2008.  In 2009, Bishop moved to California, switched to cO2  extraction and changed the name to Caviar Gold.  The company had about 15 sales reps in Colorado, selling Caviar Gold in over 250 locations.  Bishop has a team of highly qualified people behind him that make sure every aspect of his business and product meets his high standards.

Allegedly, two of Bishop's promoters ran straight to trademark and patent office when Washington legalized recreational marijuana.  Chris and Devin fraudulently  applied for copyrights and obtained the LLC "Caviare Gold," which differs from "Caviar Gold."  "Obviously, the guys that tried to take the brand now re-branding as crown herb have shown a track history of lies and inconsistency," Bishop said.  "You can look at the current Caviar Gold page and it is clear as day that is being ran by imposters."  Bishop was not legally protected but is working towards getting all of the proper legalities in place.  He is also adamant to make sure that the imposters reap what they sow.  They have committed 14 felonies by stealing the Caviar Gold name from Bishop.

Although the @caviargold Instagram page may be misleading, Bishop ensures that he still has very valuable patients that he remains in good standing with.  Every day, Caviar Gold shows patient appreciation at different collectives and offers new patients the opportunity to at no cost.  He is confident about his brand and reassures us that he is not distributing poisonous products that are an extreme health risk, unlike his imposters.  Caviar Gold has been personally and lab tested several times, with recent lab results from Sequoia labs.  


Thankfully, we were able to find out the truth to this Caviar Gold confusion.  After all of the madness, we hope that Caviar Gold and Crown Herb can move forward and respect each others businesses.  The most important fact of the matter is that herbalists need to be supplied with medicine, not poison.  Don't ingest products that you are unsure of the ingredients; always do your research!  For those of you who have purchased and continued to support Caviar Gold, Bishop says, "To all of our patients that are currently using Caviar Gold, we wanted to say thank you for your continued support.  We know that this has been confusing, frustrating and sad.  Our name was damaged shortly however, you can stand behind the name Caviar Gold."