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Charlotte Restaurant Bans Customers Who Smell Like Weed

Owner of Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, Martin Tanaka, has a strong opinion about his customers attire and odor. The Charlotte, North Carolina restaurant has placed a notice on their front door, refusing service to those who come inadequately dressed. 

Tanaka thinks those who come to his restaurant with baggy pants are disrespectful. Hoodies are not allowed to be worn inside nor is talking on your cell phone. But one rule that caught herbalists attention was that the smell of marijuana is prohibited as well.

 “It looks like they are trying to say something about some kind of race,” one nearby resident, who did not want to be named, told a WSOC reporter. The sign has been on the front door for three years but as of late, Tanaka felt the need to make the sign bigger.  "It’s actually the best response we’ve ever had. More people think that more places should do it,” he said. 

Tanaka claims that the hibachi style of his restaurant, which requires patrons to share tables with other guests, makes his rule more necessary. Just last week he had to refuse service to customers who smelt of marijuana.  "We have to turn them out because we don’t like that in our establishment," he claims. Many of his guests, which are families, do not favor the smell either.