Cheba Hut Fires Back At Sonic

The infamous sandwich spot in Colorado that's know for their uniquely measured "toasted" subs clapped back at Sonic for banning herbalists from visiting the establishment. Although fast food restaurant in Gulfport, Mississippi no longer welcomes herbalists, the Sonic locations in Denver have not been phased by manager Yasman Freeman's declaration and now, Cheba Hut chimes in too!

Cheba Hut has locations Colorado, California, Nevada and Oregon where recreational weed is legal. It wasn't until HighTimes broke the story about Sonic earlier this month that Matt Morocco, marketing manager for the "toasted" subs chain, said, “Our owner texted me and said we have to do something about this. We got good feedback so far.”

That's when Morocco came up with the idea to put up a sign of their own. The Cheba Hut location at 638 E Colfax Ave in Denver has a sign out front that reads:


Cheba Hut is the sandwich spot for herbalists. The fast food chain sells hot, or "toasted," subs in the size of a nug, pinner or blunt. Their website has sublte graphics of joints, claims to have been "curing munchies since 1998," and even reads "WE DELIVER! If you're high - we'll fly. Safety first!" Not to mention, their sandwiches all have a name resembling something relative to marijuana.

Will you still be eating at Sonic and Cheba Hut?