Church Advertises Jesus Hitting Bong

A California church has been in the spotlight not for their prayer services, charitable events or recent renovations - but for a controversial marketing campaign featuring a Jesus lookalike smoking marijuana.

A Rastafarian congregation has caught the attention of San Jose police.  Coachella Valley Church released a "welcome video" which shows Jesus taking bong hits and encouraging members to purchase and smoke weed.  The video advertises that for $10, people can become official members of the church and purchase a variety of cannabis products.  The congregation also encourages its members to use cannabis as a tool for meditation and prayer.

Their website states:

“Cannabis is used with the meditation of a Rastafari. We bless cannabis before smoking it by giving a short prayer, or just being aware about the fact we are burning something sacred and treat it with Respect. It can be used to get a heightened state of awareness, where we can feel one with the Life Force ‘JAH,’ or deepened insights about anything we put our focus on.”

San Jose police are targeting the church for what they call "the smoking gun of pot fraud."  The church is said to have a dispensary in the back.  A ruling against Coachella is still pending.