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Colorado Cannabis Club Under Attack

Three Kings Dab Supply makes headlines in Colorado last week after withdrawing their plea of 'not guilty' in court.  The head shop located at 44th and Ward Rd. in Denver was cited in municipal court in Wheat Ridge for operating an “illegal marijuana club,” on August 4th, 2014.  Colorado News 7 reports insinuate that the owners of the head shop are criminals however, things may be getting blown out of proportion.

Months ago, Three Kings received a letter ordering them to "cease and desist all unlicensed activity.”  Assuming the establishment conducts illegal sale and consumption of marijuana and marijuana products along with tattooing and body art services, Three Kings denies that those illegal activities do not take place in their club.  Three Kings Dab Supply is a private and sanctioned BYO cannabis establishment.

The case was brought to the Wheat Ridge municipal court by the parking complaints of a neighbor.  That's right, parking complaints!  Neighbors to the cannabis club were properly informed by the owners of the establishment and only a few have complained about visitors parking too close to their driveways.  The head shop has asked that their arraignments be continued, and has been granted by the Court.  The owners have applied for the social club licenses that are required by the state to operate a private social club. The application process should be completed in time since the Court allowed continuance.