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Colorado Jail To Turn Into Marijuana Facility?

Nicholas Erker of Colorado Farm Products purchased the City of Brush former correctional facility in March 2014 and now he plans on turning it into a massive cannabis cultivation facility.  Unfortunately, the city placed a moratorium on marijuana - meaning no one can legally grow or sell retail marijuana within the Brush city limits.  

Luckily for Erker, the moratorium can be revisited at any time.  In a letter to the Brush City Council, Erker plans to start a business for the cultivation and retail sale of recreational marijuana in accordance to the guidelines of the State of Colorado.  He wants to manufacture a product that is legal in Colorado and that could initially create at least 31 jobs, substantial tax revenue and increase revenue for Brush.  One of the perks of creating more revenue for the city is that his facility could in turn build better schools.  

We are awaiting a verdict from the town meeting held on Monday, July 28, 2014.  We're hoping to hear good news that there will be yet another facility helping the marijuana industry prosper.