Colorado School Nurses Can Administer MMJ

School nurses in Colorado are now permitted to administer medical cannabis to students with prescriptions. Prior to House Bill 1286, parents of children who use cannabis as medicine had to physically go to the school to give their child their medicine. However, Colorado maintains to stay ahead of the cannabis game by allowing nurses the ability to give MMJ to children themselves.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper attributes his decision to a young medical marijuana patient, Quinton, and his mother, inspired him to make a change to the pre-existing in-school medical marijuana laws. He wrote in a letter, “In evaluating this bill, we spoke with parents whose children are medical marijuana patients. We find their reason for advocacy very compelling, especially that of Ms. Hannah Lovato and her son Quinton who inspired the bill. Their message was overwhelmingly persuasive, and we sign this bill today with much admiration for Quinton and expect great things in the future from this impressive young man.”

House Bill 1286 essentially means that nurses are able to administer medical cannabis as long as they have the parent's permission. However, individual schools are free to decide whether or not they are comfortable allowing their nurses to handle medical marijuana.