Colorado State Crowdfunding For MMJ Treatment for MS

A researcher from Colorado State University has started a crowdfund to support medical marijuana research for multiple sclerosis treatment. Thorsten Rudroff, director of CSU’s Integrative Neurophysiology lab, is looking to raise $7,000 to research whether or not cannabis is an alternative medical treatment for MS. 


The proposed study will conduct tests on at least 20 multiple sclerosis patients who are currently using medical marijuana, and compare them to a control group of patients not using medical cannabis.  PET/CT scans will be administered to see if the cannabis users have more efficient muscle activation or other nervous system changes.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado and it also has one of the largest populations of individuals suffering from MS.  Rudroff's campaign mentions that 1 in every 439 Coloradans have MS. He also points out that, "this research can’t be done in many other states that don’t have the same marijuana laws.”

Rudroff is looking for any and all benefits of medical marijuna when it comes to those suffering with MS.  "Marijuana use may have additional benefits, such as improving motor function, but this is all based on anecdotal evidence,” he said. “We don’t have scientific evidence that this is working, so we think this research could provide valuable information.”