Colorado To Ban Edibles?

The edibles work group in Colorado is currently considering different packaging and labeling for marijuana infused edibles.  One member recommended removing cookies from the list of legal medibles to sell to the public in order to eliminate confusion of a Chips Ahoy and a canna-infused cookie.  Jeff Lawrence of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, suggested that Colorado completely ban all production of any retail edible cannabis products.  Any product, other than hard candies, lozenges and tinctures, should be banned as per Lawrence.

One work group member suggested a cannabis-specific poison control phone number to help track data and triage patients.  Since there is no hard data to prove the amount of accidental ingestions of medibles by minors, a hotline would help keep track of those unfortunate incidents.  

On the other hand, Bob Eschino, work group member representing Incredibles, an edibles manufacturer, recommended that the legislature should wait to see whether the rules that are currently in place are working or not.  While the discussion about the status of edibles continued to circle, nothing was resolved at the meeting on Monday and the topic is still being explored.