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Colorado Toddler Tests Positive For THC

Colorado parents Alysia Lombard and Mario Hollerway are now facing child abuse charges after their three-year-old daughter tested positive for THC.  Hollerway brought the toddler to Rose Medical Center on November 13th because she seemed tired and wasn't acting like her normal self.

After throwing up and testing positive for THC, Lombard and Hollerway were interviewed by investigators.  Lombard said she fed her daughter a quesadilla, a bowl of cereal and gave her a glass of milk that day.  Soon after she left for work, Hollerway informed her that he was taking their daughter to the medical center.  The couple admitted to having expired red cards, also known as medical marijuana cards.  In their home, they had four plants, which is legal in the state.  Along with the plants, they had cannabutter which Lombard insisted was not accessible by their daughter.

The police report stated that the house "was a hazardous mess for a small child, with numerous small items and trash within each reach on the floor."  The child's bedroom was referred to as, "cluttered and dirty, with plastic trash bags taking up much of the room and a clear plastic bag laying within reach of the child's bed."  Authorities also found a "t-shirt of dope," specifically crack, behind a television.

Hollerway has formally been accused of felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of six-to-twelve ounces of marijuana and misdemeanor child abuse.  Lombard has been charged with the latter of the two.