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Colorado Weed Sales Build Schools

Colorado state Department of Education has received more than $1.1 million from marijuana taxes in May.  The program that funds the department is called BEST, Building Excellent Schools Today, is expecting another $2.5 million from pot taxes so interested schools can hire health professionals.

The marijuana excise tax is 15 percent on unprocessed recreational pot sales on its first sales.  The tax has netted about $3 million from January through June 30 of this year. The funds are sent to the education department monthly and will dole out the awards recommendations every May.  Next year, officials estimate the marijuana contribution to the BEST grants will be about $10 million.

School officials have been calling to find out how soon they can apply for the grant.  Schools that apply and win grants could have that money by January.  Aurora Public Schools received two grants — one is to replace a part of a roof at a high school and the other for mechanical work at one of the district's oldest schools.  Sarah Mathew, director of health and wellness at the Colorado Department of Education stated, "We're hoping of course that this will help schools identify and help students that are showing signs of substance abuse and mental health problems."