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Cop Helps Woman Grow Pot - Then Snitches!

An Illinois mother to a child who suffers from an aggressive and fatal brain tumor decided to help treat her daughter's illness by growing marijuana for cannabis oil.  With the help of her brother-in-law, who happened to be a Chicago police officer, Curtis and Jennifer Scherr agreed to grow marijuana in attempts to help Liza live longer.

Although marijuana was still illegal at the time, Curtis purchased high-intensity light bulbs known to be used for growing marijuana.  He also stopped by the house periodically to check on the grow operation before Liza passed away in July 2012.  Shortly after her passing, Curtis filled out a search warrant application claiming he saw 50 marijuana plants in the basement of the grieving mother's home.  As a result, a dozen DEA agents used the search warrant to raid Jennifer's house.

Agents did not find any contraband since Jennifer had gotten rid of it after her daughter's passing.  However, a court ruling stated that Curtis had probable cause to believe that evidence would be discovered in a search of Jennifer's home because at the time, marijuana was illegal for all uses.