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Cops Cease $25,000 From Couple In Colorado

Those within driving distance of Colorado may desire to travel where it's legal to medicate with or recreationally use marijuana.  A couple from South Dakota did just that when they were stopped by a Parker City police officer that smelt marijuana coming from their vehicle.  Unfortunately, the dirty cop ended up stealing a hefty amount of money from the couple.

After first smelling marijuana, the cop asked to search the car to which the couple agreed although Margaret McKinney thought to herself, "'For what?' I had no reason for not allowing the search. I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”  Apparently, the officer had no regard for the state's legalization of marijuana and proceeded to call a DEA agent who was federally allowed to search the vehicle that McKinney and her boyfriend, Dion “Tony” Anderson, were in.

The couple spent two hours being detained on the side of the road to not even be charged with a crime.  Instead, the cops confiscated $25,000 that was found in one of their suitcases.  Anderson claims he had just received the money from a legal settlement.  The cops preferred to take the cash over the marijuana and pipe they had in their possession.  “I saw her pipe on the hood of her car, and she got to keep it while my money went in the other direction,” Anderson stated. “That burned my tail feathers.”

Anderson's lawyer vouched for him, claiming he did receive $28,000 in a personal injury case.  Andy Damgaard of the Janklow Law Firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota said that his client has never had a bank account therefore, he took the cash.  Now that he has no money, Anderson has lost his car and has been evicted from his house.  “I don’t have the ability to provide for myself right now with the kind of work I do,” he said.  

This is an actual case of highway robbery.