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Cops Sued For Dead Weed Plants

Cops may dream of raiding a well known herbalist home with the possibility of finding a grow room full of marijuana plants.  However, nowadays law enforcement must be careful when it comes to destroying legal homegrown cannabis operations.  

In recent court cases, after a person is acquitted or dismissed of charges, cops are being sued by growers anywhere up to millions of dollars of the destruction of their plants.  Patients and growers are looking for restitution after cops follow their "rip and let wilt" (self explanatory) procedure.  Professor of Law at the University of Denver, Sam Kamin told the Associated Press, "Law enforcement is going to have to think more carefully about what their procedures are and how those procedures might need to change in light of changes in the law.  The same evidence that two or three years ago would have given police probable cause today doesn't."

Luckily for medical marijuana patients, nowadays cops realize they must take the proper precautions when dealing with patients and their medicine.  Sgt. David Oswalt of the Grand Junction police stated, "Ten years ago, you had that many plants, you just went in there and ripped them all out. Now, you've got to ask a few questions."