Cannabis Activist, Dana Beal, In Custody, Again

Over the weekend, Dana Beal was pulled over by sheriff's in Northern California’s Trinity County. During the traffic stop, a K9 alerted officers to the scent of narcotics in the vehicle. 


Sheriff’s representative Jill Lynn claimed that Beal's vehicle had been swerving and driving about 15 miles under the speed limit on Highway 36, near the Humboldt-Trinity county line. Beal, who was not driving, was arrested and charged with  misdemeanor possession of cannabis for sale and felony attempt to transport marijuana across state lines, as well as his driver, James Statzer.

This is not the first time that Beal and Statzer were arrested together. THIS WEEK last year in Oregon, they were pulled over for driving outside of the line and over the speed limit.  A search turned up with 15 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.  Prior to that, the two were nabbed for transporting more than a hundred pounds in Nebraska in 2009. 

Beal also was solely convicted of marijuana trafficking charges in 2011 in Wisconsin, where he served three years and suffered a heart attack in prison. When he was released in 2014, Beal's focus became advocacy and expanding the New York Marijuana program.