DC Next To Legalize Recreational Dispensaries

Keith Stroup, founder of NORML,reported that the nation's capitol will be the next jurisdiction to legalize recreational cannabis dispensaries.  This decision will inevitably help shape the debate in Congress over marijuana policy.  The decision to legalize recreational cannabis would make a great impact, persuading Congress to remove the federal barriers for legalizing cannabis on a state level.

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., as well as the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana.  Obama's 2016 budget proposal did not include any prohibition on spending District funds to legalize marijuana.  The ban against using federal funding was retained, leaving this matter a decision of the District, not Congress.  There is a strong chance that the ban will not be included in the conference committee.  If not, the DC City Council will most likely make motions towards establishing a system to license commercial growers and retail recreational marijuana shops.

So far, there has been unanimous support for recreational pot shops among the council, Mayor Muriel Bowser and DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier.  Looks like D.C. is moving towards legalizing recreational cannabis dispensaries!

Via Marijuana.com