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Denver Cops Worry About Edibles On Halloween

In recent podcasts posted by the Denver Police Department, parents in the area are concerned about their children receiving marijuana-infused edibles this halloween.  Callers discussed the rules pertaining to medical and recreational marijuana use and their concern about their kids getting canna-candy when trick-or-treating this year.

Denver Police Department Sergeant Brett Hinkle and Detective Aaron Kafer warn the parents of the community to make sure that all candy is in its original packaging.  DO NOT allow your kids to eat anything that seems tampered with or unsealed.  A smart strategy for parents would be to sort through the candy with their children and throw away candy that is not familiar, sealed or packaged securely.  Stay away from candy given in sandwich baggies or things from someone's kitchen, being that edibles usually resemble typical goods.  

Parents should also educate their children about why they should not eat anything without a parent's approval.  Marijuana is a growing industry and is more prominent today with legalization happening more frequently in the U.S.  Edibles are becoming a popular choice when it comes to medicating, therefore they are more available and could be easily misinterpreted as a normal snack.  Kafer recommends that parents should be, "looking at the packaged candies that your child has and trying to insure, 'Is this Skittles? Is this Sweet Tarts?' If it looks like something different, a name you don't recognize, look at it a little closer and take caution."

Although the risk of candy being sprayed with THC is still possible, the Denver Police Department advises everyone to trick-or-treat with caution this year.