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Denver "Pot Pavilion" Ends In THC Overdose


This past weekend, Denver held it's annual county fair and three visitors put the "Pot Pavilion" in jeopardy.  Oddly, the fair prohibited cannabis at the event which hosted a pavilion (section) named after every herbalists favorite, pot!  But three genius' decided to show their ID to prove they were 21 or older to enter the Pot Pavilion and take samples of chocolate, thinking they wouldn't get high!

And apparently the three got sick from what they're calling "an overdose of THC."  After consuming samples from Full Melt, a company from LivWell, a Colorado cannabis dispensary that has nine locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, the fair-goers claimed to have claimed to have thought he was having a stroke or heart attack.  One man stated he was hallucinating and panicking.  The female who ate the sample chocolate said, They were free samples anyone could have grabbed. I asked the vendor twice and they told me no there’s nothing in them,” and stated she was "tripping" for over 24 hours.

Why did these people decided to take samples from the Pot Pavilion instead of the Kitchen Pavilion?  We don't know!  But, these claims don't seem out of the ordinary.  If the THC content of edibles is unknown, it is possible to eat more than you should.  LivWell seems to be aware of that fact and has stated, “We are aware that someone made a complaint to 7NEWS alleging that chocolate samples distributed at the Denver County Fair contained cannabis.  If this occurred it was without our knowledge and was not sanctioned by our company.  We are currently investigating the matter.”

FOX31 Denver reported the story, making headlines which threaten LivWell's dispensaries and the return of the Pot Pavilion at next years Denver County Fair.  Police are investigating the matter - however, a blurred version of a medical report shows that one of the consumers had tested positive for THC and alcohol.  That could also be another factor in why that person got sick.  Either way, the controversy over this story has the possibility of affecting the cannabis community.

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