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Denver's First Bud & Breakfast

B&B has a different meaning for this new Denver business. Replace 'Bed' for 'Bud' and you have the Adiago Bud + Breakfast. While hotels in Colorado are forbidden to allow smoking, privately owned bed and breakfasts's can legally allow customers to consume cannabis on their premises. 


The establishment is run out of a gorgeous Victorian home built in 1892. Rooms are offered for prices ranging from $179-$399 per night. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms but is permitted in the common area, creating a bonding vibe among guests. The Adiago does not sell cannabis on site.

The owners, Joel and Lisa Schneider, own the Mary Jane Group, which is making an impact in the canna-lifestyle hospitality industry. The Mary Jane Group has two other establishments as well: a Grateful-dead themed home in Silverthorne and an 11 room lodge in Colorado Springs. The Schneider's are looking for more places to open Bud + Breakfast's, with Joel saying, "I want to become the Walt Disney of cannabis.  This is just the beginning."