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Disabled Mom Punished For MMJ Use

A mother of two was charged with child endangerment when her neighbor witnessed her smoking medical cannabis in her parked car.  Of course, the accuser was unaware of the fact that Enedina Stanger was smoking medical cannabis.  Stranger suffers from a condition called Ehlers-Dalos syndrome, which causes her joints to spasm and rely on a wheelchair.  

The witness called the police back in October 2015, stating they saw Stanger taking a few puffs in her parked car while on of her daughters was inside.  At her sentencing, Enedina Stanger stated, "On the date in question, my daughter was with me because my collarbones had separated and she didn't want her mom to hurt by herself.  Cannabis is the only thing that the medical community has found that helps me.  Because of this, I've been forced to leave my state ... and most likely [will] die in a place that is not home because the laws have been changed and made like this."

Stanger and her family have relocated to Colorado, where she will no longer have to worry about cannabis consumption and catching felony charges.  On Monday, she showed up for processing after pleading guilty this month to a drug possession charge, which is the reduction from her original charge of child endangerment.  She has been sentenced to six months probation and obligatory classes to better individuals parenting skills.