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Do You Fit The Stereotype?

A common herbalist stereotype would say that people who smoke weed are lazy.  According to the Huffington Post, 39% of Americans agree and 37% of Americans don't.

Republicans tend to view marijuana smokers as stupid, unmotivated and lazy.  Users of marijuana are considered less successful, if that, and are labelled as "potheads" to the political party.  Democrats, however, feel the opposite and think marijuana smokers are normal.

Independent parties believe weed smokers to be lazy, unmotivated, not normal BUT, not stupid.  I would consider myself to be an independent but I think differently than the others.  Every marijuana smoker is different as well as different strains of marijuana.  A persons reaction to a marijuana high can be circumstantial.

In a situation where you are experiencing chronic pain, medical marijuana can be a muscle relax or which will also make you lazy or sleepy.  If you are in a social setting or listening to music, sativa strains can enhance your experiences.  Indica strains are good for stress relief and relaxation - are probably the culprit of the term "couch potato." 

Personally, I think it's wrong to stereotype herbalists.  The many strains or marijuana have various effects that people react to differently.