Drive-Thru Dispensary To Open In Colorado

The town of Parachute, Colorado has made headlines after announcing they will be the first city to open a drive-thru dispensary.

The Parachute Board of Trustees approved a business license for Tumbleweed Express.  The business will set up shop in a former car wash in March.  The building allows for screening from outside view.  It is expected that customers will most likely visit restaurants and other shops when making a stop at Tumbleweed Express, which will in turn help the rest of the community and economy.

Robert Goulding, spokesman for the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, stated, “As far as I can tell, we are not aware of this business model ever coming up before."  The business also needed approval from the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which demands that the property not allow anyone younger than 21 on the premises, even in the back seat of a car.  It must also have security and surveillance, and marijuana may not be visible from outside the dispensary.

“We think the drive-through is a very creative and innovative idea,” Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur said.