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Drug Bust In Brooklyn, New York

uthorities discover a $10 million drug ring in Brooklyn, New York after stopping a U-Haul truck. The driver was transporting pounds of marijuana flowers amongst furniture as well as liquid cannabis used for vape pens. 


Philip Feng, 36, and passenger Victor Bae, 35, were arrested on charges of drug and gun possession after cops received a tip from federal investigators that a large shipment of drugs would be on their way from the west coast. Inspector John Benesopolis, the commanding officer of the New York Police Department, said they found 300 pounds of marijuana. 

Police say that the drug operation was in business for at least four years, bringing in $10 million annually. Further search found that Feng's garage held 100 more pounds of cannabis, liquefied pot used in e-cigarettes, mushrooms, PCP and a loaded revolver.  In total, police recovered $2.5 million in drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

Police said Feng used some of the drug money to collect World War II memorabilia, including a decoding machine similar to the one created by Alan Turing, who was depicted in the Oscar-nominated film "The Imitation Game."

Both Feng and Bae are being held on $2 million bail after their arraignments Friday.