Elderly Couple Caught With 60 Lbs Of Flower


You would never think that people who are old enough to be someones grandparents would purposely drive around with an insanely illegal amount of cannabis flowers. However, Patrick, 80, and Barbara Jiron, 83, confessed to authorities that they were driving around with 60 pounds of high grade cannabis in their pick up truck to "spread holiday cheer."

The couple was pulled over in Nebraska's York County on Tuesday in a traffic stop for an unknown reason. Almost immediately upon approaching the vehicle, Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Vrbka noticed a strong smell of "raw" marijuana. The Jiron's, who are from California, were en route to Vermont and decided to bring 60 pounds worth of cannabis with them, telling officers, "the marijuana was for Christmas presents." The marijuana was packaged in boxes and is estimated at a value of $336,000.

The Jiron's were arrested and received multiple charges, one of which being possession with the intent to distribute. However, they have already been released, although it is unknown whether they were bonded out.