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Fall In Love With An Herbalist Like You!

Be honest: sometimes it's not always a good idea to openly admit that you smoke weed.  Whether on a job interview, in school or meeting someone new, you never know how other people will react to the fact that you get high.  Yeah, you may not care what people thing but you also don't want opportunities to be taken away from you because someone disagrees with your herbalist ways.  So start looking for love on a social media platform where everyone openly smokes.

Marijuana has a reputation of turning strangers into the best of friends and even has the potential of being the reason that two people fall in love.  With social media being a popular way for people to meet nowadays and online dating having decent success rates, the invention of a cannabis community online dating site was a brilliant idea.  Sites like and have made it possible for herbalists to honestly admit their smoking habits as well as other aspects of their lives to attract singles like themselves.

For those who don't have the time to go out and meet people, only to find out that they are not compatible at all, marijuana friendly dating sites help herbalists narrow down the search for their other half.  Start off by having a conversation or cypher via the internet and decide from there whether or not you want to meet in person.  Online dating for the cannabis community gives herbalists the opportunity find love without being judged by those who don't share this particular common interest.