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First Lady of Oregon Wanted To Grow Weed

The fiancee of Governor John Kitzhaber, Cylvia Hayes, told KOIN TV of Portland, Oregon that she and her prior hubby bought land that they intended to grow marijuana on.  Hayes admitted that she had an illegal secret marriage in which she married a Ethiopian man primarily to help him become a U.S citizen.  Together, they purchased property which they planned on growing cannabis.

From 1997-2001, Hayes was illegally married to a man for $5,000.  Public records revealed that in November, 1997, Hayes and another man bought a $245,000 piece of property in Washington state with a $15,000 down payment only four months after she got married!   

The real estate agent who sold the property to Hayes told KOIN 6 News, “There was somewhat of a leader/follower there, and she was leading and the gentleman was following.”  Soon after their purchase, the couple stopped making payments and Hayes showed no interest in the property by April 1998.