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Florida Man Sentenced To 90 Years Over Marijuana

Richard DeLisi was sentenced to 90 years in prison after being charged with marijuana related charges back in 1989.   Last week, Judge Michael Raiden of the Polk County Courthouse began a 30 day deliberation over a motion filed by DeLisi's attorney, Al Smith.  DeLisi, who is now 65 years old and not well health wise, is awaiting a court decision whether one of his felony conspiracy charges reduced to a second-degree misdemeanor.

Smith believes that DeLisi was improperly sentenced.  He argues that DeLisi has served 26 years so far, after only being recommended to serve 13-17 years.  DeLisi told Broward New Times, "When I was smuggling, I always knew the consequences. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would end up like this," via a phone interview from the South Bay Correctional Facility.  

Although DeLisi has had time taken off of his sentence for good behavior, he is due to be released in 2026, when he will be 77 years old.  If the court rules against him, he will be the U.S.'s longest-serving inmate for a nonviolent marijuana-related crime.