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Florida Marijuana Bill Reaches Governor

Gov. Rick Scott has officially received Florida's medical marijuana legislation.  The Senate has approved the HB 307 House version of the bill after a long debate on Monday.  The bill will expand the "Right To Try" act, allowing MMJ patients with terminal conditions to use medical marijuana.

According to press secretary for the governor, Jeri Bustamante, the bill is currently under review. Scott has seven days to sign the 33 page long bill.  HB 307 focuses on fixing the problems that have arisen with the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, enacted in May 2014.  Since its the act was passed, children with epilepsy were unable to receive medical marijuana treatment because the law was faced with many legal challenges while simultaneously trying to set up the marijuana industry.  The bill passed 28-11, which would allow the five dispensaries that have been approved to continue with the process of distributing non-smokeable cannabis to patients.

"Today was an important step to take back control of the situation and get it into the hands of families as soon as possible," Sen. Rob Bradley stated on Monday.  Bradley is the bill's main supporter who believes that by the time the administrative challenges are settled, that there will be eight or nine MMJ distributors.

The bill also requires that when the patient registry reaches 250,000 patients, an additional three licenses will become available, one of which will be reserved for black farmers.  Along with licensing, the bill addresses labeling, security at facilities and penalties for doctors who wrongly prescribe.