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Florida Pro Cannabis Campaign Removed From YouTube

Miami Beach mayoral candidate Steve Berke released a creative campaign parody that exhibited his support for Amendment 2, which will legalize medical marijuana in the state of Florida.  Unfortunately, his video entitled "You're The Law That I Want (Yes On 2)" was removed from YouTube after 300,000 views.  The video is a parody of the well known song from the movie, Grease, called "You're The One That I Want."

The four-minute vid was featured on Comedy Central, Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post.  It was pulled off of YouTube after the Warner/Chappell music company stated that it violated its copyright.  "Parodies are 'fair use' and a protected form of free speech," Berke says.  He argues that since the video is a parody, it should be allowed on the internet.  There are even other parodies that are still online, such as "You're the Whore That I Want."

While Berke and his team feel that the video was taken down for political reasons, YouTube claims otherwise.  In a statement to Riptide, they said, "When we receive a copyright claim, we remove the content promptly in accordance with the law. We have a counter-notification process in place if a user believes a content owner has misidentified their video, and we reinstate videos if a user prevails in that process or when we receive a retraction from the content owner that submitted the original notification."

Florida, vote yes on Amendment 2 this November and check out the corny, yet clever campaign vid.