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Floridians Vote To Legalize Weed

Florida seems ready to pass Amendment 2, the bill that will guarantee the medical use of marijuana to qualified patients.  After a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University released on Monday, it proves that Floridians are ready to pass the legalize marijuana bill.  

Within the Sunshine states age bracket of 18-29 year olds, 95% believed medical marijuana should be legalized.  A shocking 88% of Republicans said that they would vote yes to the legalize marijuana.  

Florida's approach to legalizing marijuana includes regulating dispensaries and requiring parental consent for those patients under the age of 18.  Even with the safety precautions that Florida plans to take, there are still opponents to Amendment 2.  Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot and Vote No on 2 are giving false descriptions of the MMJ bill and aid to objecting opinions about legalization.  Overall, things are looking up for Florida.